Shared ownership provides solid foundations for young family

Jess and Simon Quilter with their daughter Shannon

Buying a new home is stressful enough but Simon and Jess Quilter decided to ramp things up by getting married and then having a baby too.

Although it’s been a busy 12 months, they say purchasing their new shared-ownership home through Severn Homes provided the solid foundations they needed to build their lives together.

But life isn’t standing still for long as just months after moving into the £160,000 two-bedroom house in Pikemen Avenue, Shrewsbury, baby Shannon was born.

“The house is just what we wanted – a new house on an estate that feels like a family estate,” said the 33-year-old Simon. “We’re also making larger payments on the mortgage than we need to so we can own even more of our home in the future.  We’ve made a brilliant start to our lives together as we were able to move in as newlyweds and then bring our baby back to our family home months later.

“It’s vitally important for me to know that we’re in nice home and there is a real sense of security through shared ownership.”

After striking up a relationship while working at The Range in Shrewsbury, Simon and Jess got married on June 1 last year at the Mytton and Mermaid pub in Atcham before going on a nine-day cruise around the Mediterranean for their honeymoon.

Then last year the newlyweds, who previously rented in Shrewsbury, thought they had found their dream home in Rondel Street but narrowly missed out on a purchase.

“We started looking around for how much we could get for our money,” explained Simon. “We were pretty gutted not to get the home we first looked at which was also being sold by Severn Homes. We carried on looking and Severn Homes contacted us again saying we could look at the property in Pikemen Avenue. We loved it straight away and the next day we sorted out our mortgage.”

Although the move proved to be fairly straight forward, the couple’s exciting lives were fuelled by news that Jess was pregnant just three months after securing a mortgage.

Then their move into their new home in January this year was not only complicated by the fact 29-year-old Jess was six months’ pregnant but also because Simon had suffered a nasty fall, meaning he needed surgery to repair tendons in his knee.

Just months later in May, Shannon was born in Telford, weighing 7lb 7oz.

“We were over the moon to move into our new home as it was the first time we had our own proper home,” said Simon.  “And then we had Shannon which has made a crazy start to the year even crazier in a really amazing way.”

Simon says he would definitely recommend the services of Severn Homes as well as buying a home through Shared Ownership. The couple, who pay a mortgage for 25 per cent of the home’s value (£40,000) and rent on the remaining 75 per cent share, are now paying £100 a month less than they were through outright rent.

“Buying a house does seem quite daunting but less so when we chose to go down the shared ownership route,” explained Simon. “We got lots of good advice from the bank and Severn Homes was always there so if we weren’t sure about anything we would just contact them with a question and they would come straight back. So actually buying a house turned out to be a lot easier than we were expecting and the extra money really helps, especially now we have a baby.

 “Shared ownership has definitely changed our lives for the better. It’s given a young family an amazing home and set us up for a secure and amazingly positive future together.”

They were helped every step of the way by Severn Homes’ Jackie Sheppard. She says that she gets a great deal of satisfaction from helping people like Simon and Jess move into their own home: “The best part of my job is knowing that I’ve helped somebody to find the right home and that I will be there from start to finish,” she said.

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