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Delivering care on two wheels

Allen Davies has been working for Care Plus since July, providing At Home care in Shropshire. He has been zipping around on two wheels, not four.

“I joined Care Plus in July, having previously worked for another care company. I love my work now; it’s a fantastic place to work.

You can tell that Care Plus is managed by people who have worked in care and understand what it is like to do the job. It’s the little things that make all the difference. For instance I’m given time to travel between care visits and paid for that time.

I’ve been getting around on a scooter from Shropshire’s Wheels2Work. As I put on my helmet and set off to deliver care to people in need, we joke that I’m the fourth emergency service.

I’m juggling quite a lot in my life. I’ve got three children and I’m studying counselling at college. I’m training with a local running club preparing to run a marathon and when I do get any free time, I like to paint. When I came for my interview I told them about my children and they understand why my running training is so important to me. They’ve been brilliant, being as flexible as possible where they can. It’s a really supportive place to work.

The culture at Care Plus is very special. There’s an incredible sense of pride in working for the organisation and you can feel that straight away.

“When you work for Care Plus, it’s like becoming part of a big family.”

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