Head Office: 0800 048 8955

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We have three main offices

Brassey Road,
Old Potts Way,
SY3 7FA,

Tel: 0800 048 8955

Acton Court,
Acton Gate,
ST18 9AP,

Tel: 0800 048 8955

The Rurals, 1 Parker Court,
Staffordshire Technology Park,
Stafford, ST18 0WP

Tel: 0800 048 8955

Our offices at Acton Gate and Parker Court have been offered for sale.

We are committed to retaining local offices in Staffordshire and Shropshire, delivering services in the heart of the communities we serve. We also offer a range of other convenient ways for customers and partners to contact us.

Sarah Boden, chief executive of Housing Plus Group said: “We have been operating two large offices in Stafford. Now, to reflect our hybrid working and deliver better value, we are streamlining our accommodation and reducing our operating costs. This will help us to protect services for customers and provide more much-needed affordable homes.”