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Katie goes back to her roots in Kinver

When Katie was invited to view a family home in Kinver, she had no idea that it was a property with very special memories for her family.

“The day I got the call about the viewing I called my nan to tell her the good news,” explains Katie. “When I said that the home was in Kinver, she asked about the address and that’s when the penny dropped for all of us.”

Katie and her family were about to visit the home which had been first occupied by her grandparents Ken and Roz when it was built half a century ago.

“They had always said that it had been a very special place and that their biggest regret had been moving away. It felt as though it was somehow meant to be that we would make our own home in the same house.”

As soon as Katie, her fiancé Scott and children saw the house, they immediately knew that they wanted to move in.

“This is our forever home,” said a delighted Katie.

“We are already making it ours by redecorating every room and thinking about what we want to do with the gardens. SSHA have told us that they will be fitting a new kitchen and bathroom, too, which will be fantastic.”

Katie has four children aged 12, seven, six and one. “The boys soon made friends in the area and absolutely love it here. We are surrounded by countryside and really close to the river – my son has already been fishing!

“Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming, we felt at home straight away. Some of the neighbours still remember my grandparents and nan is convinced that my grandad who always loved this house, somehow made all this happen for us. She still lives nearby and regularly visits.”

Neighbourhoods director Jan Goode said: “This is such a wonderful story. We were so pleased to have been able to help a new generation of Katie’s family make this house their home. I hope that they will be very happy there.”