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A resilient organisation, making a positive difference to homes, lives and communities

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Building homes

The Housing Plus development team is strong, established and has a wealth of experience to meet the demands and requirements of housing in Staffordshire and Shropshire.

This is an exciting time for the development team, as the new larger group now has a tremendous opportunity to build more homes, helping to meet the soaring need for homes to rent or buy.

The Group has ambitious plans to build 2,000 homes for rent, shared ownership and outright sale by 2023.



Homes for sales and shared ownership are managed by Severn Homes visit www.severnhomes.co.uk for more information

Severn Homes

Sales and shared ownership

An important part of the Group development programme is building homes for sale and shared ownership. These homes help people get a foot on the property ladder, whilst generating money to enhance our overall development programme.

Over the next four years 246 sale and shared ownership homes will be sold by Severn Homes. Severn Homes is a division of the Group, launched in 2015, to manage private rent, sales and shared ownership properties.

Severn Homes has a growing reputation and portfolio.  Please visit the Severn Homes website to find out more.


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