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Carer’s Week 2023

In Carers’ Week, we are celebrating the huge contribution made our inspiring Care Plus care workers.

We’re also thinking about all those who care for their own family members and friends, including the tireless carers among our own tenants and colleagues.

Angie Jackson is Head of care, wellbeing and health at Care Plus. She says that special weeks like this are a reminder of the importance of carers everywhere:

“Care workers and carers often don’t get the thanks they deserve. These are the kind of people who do what is needed, without pushing themselves forward. They are conscientious, dedicated and incredibly resilient and are often juggling lots of other responsibilities in their lives. In my mind, they are superheroes.”

Care workers in Care Plus provide support and care for people in our retirement living schemes, our communities and in The Sandford nursing home.

“This week, we will be saying a big ‘thank you’ to all our care workers, for delivering wonderful care to our customers,” explains Angie. “We are delivering some treats in their staff rooms and hope that they enjoy this small token of our appreciation for all that they do.”

If you, or someone you know, is helping to care for a loved one in their home, remember that a range of advice and practical help is available from Care Plus – from the professional support of our care workers to the 24:7 reassurance of our pendant alarms and a range of activities to relieve loneliness and isolation. Find details on the Care Plus website.