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Homes Plus helps villagers with Coronation tree planting

Residents in a Staffordshire village have celebrated the Coronation of King Charles III with a little help from the Homes Plus team.

When villagers approached us looking for a suitable spot to plant a commemorative apple tree in honour of the new King, we were happy to help by donating a small plot of land.

After the villagers banded together to pay for the tree, they identified a communal space that we own, that’s close to some of our homes. When they asked if they could use the land for their special tribute to the new King, we were delighted to get involved.

At a special planting ceremony just before the Coronation, local residents and Homes Plus customers were joined by Jeremy Pert, a member of our board and the local borough and county councillor.

Homes Plus neighbourhoods team leader, Emma was also on hand to join in a rousing rendition of the national anthem on a glorious afternoon, as a small crowd gathered to witness the event.

Following the planting, Jeremy said that up and down the country, there will be many celebrations to mark the King’s coronation, in lots of different and diverse communities.

“Bringing the village together to celebrate a significant moment in time with this tree planting will allow everyone to remember the occasion for decades to come,” he added.

The new tree joins two other commemorative saplings planted in the village to mark the centenary of Broughton WI and the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

One of the organisers of the event, Sheila said: “By planting these commemorative trees, we’re leaving a legacy for future generations. This new apple tree will continue to grow and will be here long into King William’s reign, King George’s reign and beyond.

“Our friends in the village came together to arrange the planting ceremony, which was a lovely event that I’m proud to have been involved with. Thank you to Homes Plus for providing a great home for our special tree and for making sure the grass was freshly cut the day before!”

Pictured are Homes Plus board member, Jeremy Pert, organisers David, Sheila, Beryl and Margaret, and Homes Plus neighbourhoods team leader, Emma.