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Life in lockdown – Betty

We’re talking to some of our customers who are socially distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. Betty lives in a Care Plus retirement living community in south Staffordshire where she has been keeping busy during lockdown. This is her story.

“I’ve always enjoyed helping people and the last few weeks have given me a chance to do that, with the support of the wonderful team who work here. We have been organising carvery meals which are delivered each Wednesday and Sunday. People just have to pop them in the microwave.

I’ve started sewing uniform wash bags for carers, too. They can put their work clothes in there when they get changed. It helps keep everyone safe.

I don’t go into anyone’s home and we keep our distance but while we aren’t seeing as much of our families, it’s good to have a chat.

I keep thinking about how lucky we are to be living here at a time like this. We’ve got lovely homes, with balconies to enjoy the sunshine. We have the support we need and most of all, we have got each other. A lot of people are going through this on their own, without good neighbours or that sense of community.

There is a silver lining to every cloud and we have a lot to be thankful for. I tell everyone that we are going to get through this and that life will go on. I hope it won’t be quite the same, though. It would be nice to think that we will appreciate the little things, a bit more.”

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Help and support

We are doing everything we can to keep all of our customers safe and supported at this difficult time. Many of our staff have retrained to help with the reassurance calls that we are making to thousands of customers weekly. We are also offering financial advice, as well as signposting to wellbeing and safeguarding services. For more information on where you can find further support, please visit the coronavirus area of our member websites:

Severnside Housing

South Staffordshire Housing Association

Stafford and Rural Homes

Care Plus