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Planning go-ahead for pioneering retirement apartments in Kinver

Housing Plus Group has welcomed the decision of South Staffordshire Council to grant planning permission for purpose-built accommodation for older people in Kinver. The not-for-profit group will build 20 accessible apartments replacing eight bungalows at The Burgesses.

The plans will deliver additional homes suitable for older people who want to live independently. The new development will offer self-contained apartments, social space and access to care and support.

The development was backed by former residents of The Burgesses and of nearby Mill House, also owned by Housing Plus Group. The residents even took the unusual step of inviting councillors to attend one of their meetings to explain why they wanted the project to go ahead as soon as possible.

Mary Taylor moved out of The Burgesses earlier this year. She said: “I lived at The Burgesses for five years and although it was a lovely community, my bungalow was small, cold and damp. Because it backs onto the woods there was very little natural light and I had my lights on, all day.

“I think the development is good news for the village. We need more homes designed for older people, so we can live comfortably and safely, near our friends and families.”

Housing Plus Group has won national and regional awards for its newly-built retirement communities in Staffordshire. Kerry Bolister, assistant director of development for the group, said that the planning decision was “Fantastic news for older people in Kinver”

“The project received strong support from people who were previously living in The Burgesses and from those who want to continue to live in Kinver but move into a home more suited to their current and future needs. That support underlines the demand for affordable, high-quality retirement living accommodation in the village. We are delighted that we can now deliver the homes that they told us they wanted.”