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Top grade for Housing Plus Group

Housing Plus Group has again achieved the highest regulatory grade, following an In Depth Assessment (IDA) by the Regulator of Social Housing.

In a regulatory judgement the Group retained the top ratings for Governance (G1) and Financial Viability (V1), which are awarded to well-governed and financially strong organisations.

The assessment reflects the successful management of homes and services following the merger between Housing Plus Group and Stafford and Rural Homes in 2019.

“Receiving top grading is wonderful news,” said chief executive Sarah Boden.

“We have experienced a very busy and challenging period since merger. This great result is a reflection of a huge amount of work from our Board, the executive team, our colleagues, involved customers and everyone who is so committed to making a positive difference to homes, lives and communities in Staffordshire and Shropshire.”

Housing Plus Group manages 18,000 homes and has committed to developing 2,000 more homes for affordable rent, shared ownership and outright sale by 2023.

“I am pleased that the Group’s approach and performance has been recognised by our regulator and that, while we continue to grow, we have demonstrated that we maintain the highest standards,” said Sarah Boden.

“Effective governance and the financial strength which allowed us to secure a £70m funding deal earlier this year, are enabling us to deliver our ambitious merger commitments. We are building much-needed homes, providing more care and support and offering fantastic apprenticeship and employment opportunities. We can be very proud of everything that we have achieved together and all that we will accomplish in the future.”

The regulatory judgement can be found on the regulatory website.