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Helping us to improve our communications

We asked you what you thought of the way we communicate with you and you’ve given us some great feedback to make this even better. Our marketing and communications manager Ben Payne explains the results and what happens next.

Part of our five-year vision is to focus on customers, communities and homes with listening, engaging and supporting you being among some of the main themes.

Communications is crucial to our work and nearly 400 of you responded to surveys about its effectiveness sent out in our magazines and posted on our websites.

We’re proud to say that over 88 per cent said they found our communications easy to understand with over 75 per cent said they felt well informed.

The most popular way of hearing from us (71 per cent) was through our e-bulletins with 77 per cent saying they were satisfied with this method of communication.

Magazines were the second most popular (34 per cent) with over 60 per cent satisfaction. There was a similar 32.4 per cent result for letters with over 60 per cent satisfaction. For both only four per cent were dissatisfied with others feeling neutral.

You told us that you also liked to hear from us through social media, leaflets and our website which are also well received with low dissatisfaction rates of around four per cent.

Finally, we asked you what you would like to know more about. The most popular answer was home improvements and maintenance (64.8 per cent), followed by repair advice (53.4 per cent), local activities and events (41.4 per cent) and housing developments (39.1 per cent).

Other popular themes included employment and money advice, care and support and information about our shared ownership and market rent properties.

All the results from the survey will be used to inform future communications and we will keep you posted about the difference you’ve made.

Thank you for taking part in the survey. Participants were also entered into a prize draw to win an iPad and I’m pleased to say Severnside Housing customer Joanne Bishop was the lucky winner.

Get involved and have your say

For more information on our Let’s Talk programme and how you can have your say about our services, please visit the Severnside Housing or SSHA websites.