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102 reasons for a great party!

An extra-special celebration for a remarkable birthday, took place in one of our retirement living communities.

Resident Hazel was one of many marking milestone occasions during lockdown. In 2020 she turned 100 and instead of the fabulous event everyone had hoped for, her friends and relatives brought the party to her, with socially-distanced good wishes that she could see from her home.

Viewers in the Midlands watched Hazel’s big birthday on the television, after the BBC filmed the centenarian for the evening news.

For her 102nd birthday this year, Hazel finally got a ‘proper’ party. Making up for all that she had missed, it was a double celebration with a Saturday night get-together, followed by an afternoon tea with friends and neighbours.

Party girl Hazel enjoyed every minute: “I am very happy and lucky to have good friends where I live and I had a really nice birthday. I can feel I’m getting a bit older now!”