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Thousands of customers benefitting from reassurance calls

With the announcement that the coronavirus lockdown has been extended for a further three weeks, the Housing Plus Group team is stepping up its efforts to support vulnerable people in the communities we serve.

In the spirit of collaboration many colleagues, who usually work in very different roles, are retraining to help the Care Plus team to offer a valuable lifeline to thousands of customers.

Together we’re making thousands of phone calls a week to people living in Independent or Retirement Living accommodation, as well as vulnerable customers of housing associations within the Housing Plus Group.

The reassurance calls have been welcomed by customers following the Government’s instructions to stay at home, who may otherwise have no contact with the outside world.

Loneliness can be a huge problem at the best of times and that’s why we recognise that it’s more important than ever to reach out, even if it’s just by telephone, to those longing to speak to someone or to hear a friendly voice.

One grateful customer, Tony who lives at a Care Plus retirement living scheme, got in touch with us to thank Carol, a Retirement Living Officer who calls him twice a week to make sure he’s keeping well and to see if there’s anything he needs.

Tony went on to say Carol’s calls are hugely reassuring, as was knowing there was someone he can contact anytime should he need to.

Another Care Plus Retirement Living Officer, Sharon, has been praised by Pendrell Court customer, Vera, who said she looked forward to her calls as their chats made her feel a lot better and always end with a bit of a laugh!

Meanwhile general needs tenant Dave, posted on Facebook:

“Well that was nice! I just got a call from a chap at my landlord, Severnside Housing. As I am older and living alone, he just wanted to check I was OK and didn’t need help or anything.”

Such feedback offers a huge morale boost for the entire team as they make every effort to ensure the wellbeing of customers who rely on us.

Care Plus provides affordable accommodation for customers aged over 55 who value their independence, with the reassurance that when they need a little extra help it’s available in their own home. The additional calls are just one of many ways we provide additional peace of mind for customers and their relatives.

Throughout the lockdown we’ve also managed to continue carrying out emergency repairs and other essential services for all our customers, while taking measures to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

At the same time, office staff have put together hundreds of ‘Emergency Packs’ containing face masks, gloves, alcohol wipes and eye protectors to help keep our carers safe when they are visiting customers who need their help.