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Cake and a spade got carers through the snow

Black forest gateau and a spade were all Jenna Dubil and Amy Bardi needed to get them through the snow to provide care in some of the most isolated communities.

Care Plus team leader Jenna said: “The snow was coming down hard but we were determined to get out. But we were not the only ones making a difference. During Saturday and Sunday, Care Plus completed 772 calls – an incredible effort by everyone involved. Calls included helping people get out of bed, helping others have showers, administering medication and providing regular meals and drinks.

Digging in the snow!

On Sunday – the worst affected day – 42 colleagues made it into work. Some stayed at their schemes for up to 12 hours, refusing to go home in case other members of staff couldn’t get in for their shifts.

Our experience was just one example of everyone’s dedication and it involved Amy and I going out to an elderly lady’s house on a farm in Brocton, Staffs. There were times when we thought we wouldn’t get through the snow but when we arrived late in the afternoon she was absolutely amazed that we’d made it. It was worth making the effort as she was delighted to have some company after not expecting to see anyone.

During Saturday and Sunday, Care Plus completed 772 calls – an incredible effort by everyone involved.

We love our jobs and on days like this it makes it feel even more worthwhile. We spent some time chatting and made her a nice cup of tea and then we had to leave.

We quickly realised it was going to be hard to get off the drive. Luckily, we had become prepared as we’d brought a shovel to dig us out and black forest gateau in case we got stuck! After 15 minutes hard shovelling we were finally able to move which came as a bit of relief as we thought we would never get back.

And there was still time to pop in to Vine Court and check everyone was ok there too before travelling home.

The whole team is always determined to deliver the best care. You also need a sense of humour along the way and once we’d warmed up a bit, we were able to smile about the day.”

Care and support co-ordinator Amy added: “Everyone’s main priority is to provide excellent care and the snow was not going to stop this as people rely on us. That’s what it’s all about, making a difference whatever the weather.”

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