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Customer contacts us for budgeting advice and gets work experience bonus

Tom Prior, 20, lives with his parents who are Severnside customers. Last year Tom, who has Asperger’s syndrome and mild autism, got in touch with the employment and money advice team for help with his budgeting skills.

“I wanted to feel confident that when I’m ready to rent my own place, I’ll be able to manage my money and pay my bills on time.” he explained.

Tom got all the information he needed and when he mentioned that he was looking for work, advisor Jan Cross offered to help him improve his CV and job applications.

“I began meeting Jan regularly to search for jobs and write applications. I felt much more positive because I started getting interviews with some really big companies,” said Tom.

Jan felt that Tom’s job prospects would be improved with more experience and knowing his interest in media, she arranged a placement for him with the communications team at Housing Plus Group which also included time with local film production company 7Video. Supported by the team, Tom had the opportunity to get involved in writing, film editing, design and digital media.

“The placement was brilliant because I gained valuable experience and a better understanding about the working environment. Everyone was happy to help me and I enjoyed seeing how they work together as a team. After an hour, I felt like I belonged.”

Neighbourhoods director Jan Goode said that she was delighted that Tom had received such great support: “It was a pleasure to meet him and we wish him all the best in his job search.”