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Developing confidence with computers at the Digital Den

After twelve years with the same employer, Ken, 61, found himself out of work soon after having a stroke. Ken, who grew up in Wellington, also suffers from depression.

“I was sitting on the sofa, wondering what had happened to my life. I’d probably still be there if my brother-in-law hadn’t brought me to the Digital Den in Meole Brace.

“I’ve never had anything to do with computers before and I had a horrible time at junior school, which put me off classrooms. I don’t think I’d have gone to college but this is different, it’s my neighbourhood. It’s not like school and they have made me feel at home.

“The world is changing; everything you need to do is on a computer today. It’s been a matter of getting my confidence up. The first thing I did online was catch-up with Casualty – it’s my favourite programme.

“Once I’d learned how to use a computer the people at the Digital Den started to show me how I could use it to help me find work. We went online together and found a vacancy. It feels good to be back in work, having a purpose and a reason to get out of the house.

“Although I’ve got a job now, I’ll keep coming to the Digital Den. I’ve got a lot to learn and there’s a part of me that still wants to prove my teachers wrong. The people here feel like friends, they know how I take my coffee!”

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