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Looking to the future

I’m very proud of Severnside’s outstanding learning programme and the support we provide to help people build their confidence, skills and work experience.  A key element of the programme is our grant funding, which empowers people to reach their full potential.

Imogen found out about this grant funding opportunity when she picked up a copy of our learning programme. She successfully secured funding to complete two beauty courses, which have helped her feel more optimistic for the future.

“I would highly recommend applying for Severnside’s grant funding, especially if you want to progress or add to your existing qualifications,” explains Imogen.  “Applying for the grant funding was very simple and straight-forward and being able to find my own course was great as some of the college courses around are based on paperwork, more than on assessments. When you have a learning disability and you can only manage by being assessed and understand by looking, it really helped that I could go to a training provider that catered to my specific needs.”

“Knowing that I can do the beauty treatments has given me the confidence I needed.  Now I just need to get my CV out there and start practising my new skills on friends and family, as I would ideally like to work in a salon.”

Although we primarily offer local people the opportunity to undertake training and offer practical advice on finding work, our guidance can give people real hope for the future, as Imogen explains “Before undertaking the courses I was feeling basically lost. But now I have quite a lot of support and backing to get myself sorted which has started me thinking ok, the past is the past, now you’ve got a future, so let’s get on with it!”

It has been so lovely witnessing the transformation in Imogen and an amazing feeling to know that we have given her the helping hand she needed to hopefully fulfil her goal of working in a salon.

It doesn’t matter what training you want to do, whether it’s something that will help you on your way into employment, or setting up your own business, don’t be afraid to pop into one of our Digital Dens to see how we can help you get started on your journey.

To find out how you can apply for grant funding, view our learning programme brochure or read more about our Digital Dens please visit our website – www.severnsidehousing.co.uk.  You can also email me on Claire.poulson@housingplusgroup.co.uk for further help and guidance.