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The importance of care in the community

Domiciliary care, or care in the home, is vitally important for many people. It can be the perfect solution for many, providing just enough support to retain your personal freedom and independence. Sally Rutty is a Domiciliary Care Worker in Staffordshire, making a real difference to the lives of people in her community.

Sally Rutty has worked in care since she left school. She’s had breaks in her career but I always come back to care. Some of my earliest memories are of helping my granddad. I really enjoy working with older people.

Having worked in residential schemes and for agencies, Sally joined Care Plus. She works in the community, providing care and support in people’s homes.

I love my work and since I started at Care Plus I’ve been happier than ever.

– Sally Rutty

I love my work and since I started at Care Plus I’ve been happier than ever.

It is great because you are helping people to stay in their homes, being as independent as possible and enjoying familiar surroundings. Because I’m going into people’s homes I feel as though I’m playing a bigger part in their lives. I get to know their families, too. Recently I went to do a regular visit and there was a bunch of flowers waiting for me, from the lady and her daughter.

Sally visits people in their homes in Penkridge, where she lives, as well as in Wheaton Aston and Brewood. She has a young daughter, Olivia, and finds that the opportunity to work evenings and weekends fits around her family life.

I’m really fortunate working with Care Plus. They have been as flexible as possible with me and the training is particularly good. As soon as I started my new job it seemed as though I fitted in, I never felt like ‘the new girl’.

Domiciliary Care Manager Angie Mason says that to be a good community care and support worker like Sally, You need to be compassionate, caring, flexible and have a genuine interest in making a difference to people’s lives.