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The making of the #BuildingOurFutureHPG film

We asked local video production company 7video to explain how they put together our fantastic #BuildingOurFutureHPG film.

Last spring, we were tasked with creating a video that represented everything Housing Plus Group are as an organisation and everything they aim to be in the future.

We have been in this situation plenty of times before, and having worked with a number of housing associations from all across England and Wales, this was something we were very confident we could achieve.

But this project was slightly different. Housing Plus Group had recently gone through a merger, where South Staffordshire Housing Association had joined with Shropshire’s Severnside Housing to form one organisation.

“This has to be a video for everyone,” was the unequivocal message we had instilled into us from our scriptwriter and producer Ben Payne, Marketing and Communications Manager from Housing Plus Group.

All of this led to us producing a film we are extremely proud of. As an extension of their annual report, the video has been viewed almost 10,000 times on Social Media. The feedback from the tenants and staff has been wonderful and for us, the client says it all.

Peter Sims, owner – 7video