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A responsible landlord

We set out to make a positive impact in Staffordshire and Shropshire. We are committed to building more affordable homes and helping customers and communities succeed, through investment and support.

We want all our newly-built homes to achieve an energy performance rating of B or above along with reducing fuel costs for residents where possible by using new technology such as air source heat pumps. We are improving the energy efficiency of existing homes so that they are rated C or above.

We are reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, using more electric vehicles and installing charging points. We also prioritise recycling, diverting 1,994 tonnes of waste from landfill in 2022/23. And if you have visited our Acton Gate office, Parker Court office or our Knights Way office, you will have noticed the solar panels on the rooves.

We have a responsibility too, to create positive relationships with our customers and the people who live in our communities. We recruit from the local area and want our customers to feel that their views are respected and acted upon. In 2022/23 we introduced a new Director for improving the customer experience.

This year we measured our performance in our first Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report.