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Big Lunch celebrates building of new community

Housing Plus Group were joined by residents in Condover, Shropshire, for the event to mark the completion of the development of much-needed new homes in the village.

Around £1 million has been spent on building ten homes in Brook Close to rent to local people.

Severnside Housing, which is part of Housing Plus Group, working with Saxonby and Condover Parish Council, developed eight new houses and two bungalows on the land owned by Severnside. Part of the funding for the new homes was provided by the Homes and Communities Agency and Shropshire Council through a community-led housing grant.

There was also a steering group which helped shape the development.

Housing Plus Group Chief Executive Sarah Boden attended the Big Lunch which is a national get together for neighbours to celebrate.

She said: “Everyone who had helped realise this development should be rightly proud of themselves because it is now making a really positive difference.”

Last year Condover Parish Council won a Local Council Outstanding Project of the Year Award for the development.

Since 2012, Housing Plus Group has invested over £20 million in 186 rural homes in Shropshire and Staffordshire to help address the problem of lack of affordable homes in the countryside.

Sarah Boden added: “In terms of housing developments £20 million over five years may not sound a lot but it represents a significant investment in rural areas because of the lack of suitable sites and planning restrictions.

“These homes are making a real difference by ensuring more people can afford to live in the countryside while improving the long term sustainability of these areas.”