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Planting new trees to help brighten up neighbourhood

Housing Plus Group and a Stafford Borough councillor have worked together to plant trees for the community in a North Staffordshire village to enjoy.

Our Grounds Maintenance team braved the wintry weather to brighten up Adamsthwaite Drive, in Blythe Bridge, with two Sorbus aria trees.

It is hoped the new trees will help to improve the area and give the community something to enjoy. The trees were chosen for their white flowers and their fruit, which they retain all year.

We have also worked with Fulford ward councillor, Alec Sandiford, to tidy up the garages and seating area in Adamsthwaite Drive.

Our executive director of property, Andrew Kenny, said: “I am extremely pleased of the team for getting these trees in the ground.

“Community and sustainability are important to us at Homes Plus, so we’re really happy to be able to make a positive difference like this to the local area.”

It comes after residents had raised concerns to Cllr Sandiford about several Cherry blossom trees being mysteriously felled there in the summer.

Cllr Sandiford said: “Since my election in May, I have been working with stakeholders across the community to improve it for everyone. It’s been a pleasure to work with Andrew and everyone at Homes Plus in resolving issues, making improvements, and keeping it clean.

“Over the Summer, several much-loved Cherry blossom trees were mysteriously cut down leading to many residents sharing their concern on how disappointed they were in seeing the trees go.

“It is fantastic to see new trees being planted in the same location, where they will grow to blossom and continue to bring colour to the area.

“Residents in our community value wildlife, green spaces, and plant life. Working together with Homes Plus on this has been brilliant.

“I very much look forward to the continuing partnership with Andrew and everyone at Homes Plus in bettering the community and more projects are underway for the near future.”