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Celebrating our learning stars

Learning is one of the values at the heart of Housing Plus Group.

So we are extra-pleased to congratulate two of our colleagues who have brought learning to life in their roles.

Operations manager for supported housing services, Debbie Brownlie, has gained the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) Level 4 Certificate. Completing her learning during the pandemic, Debbie developed a broad spectrum of technical knowledge and understanding to support her experience across a wide range of housing subjects. She says her learning has provided “A deeper awareness of the work of our growing organisation and the wider sector.”

The last two years have been particularly busy for our Health & Safety team, which helped to ensure that we could safely maintain essential services for customers during the pandemic. Health & Safety officer Helen Fewtrell combined her work at that time with learning which has now resulted in technical membership of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

Beginning her training in 2020, Helen’s qualification and experience have taken her to the next level in her career  and “Given me a confidence and professionalism in my work.”