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Congratulations Oliver and Liam

We are very pleased that the first of our electrical apprentices have completed the very demanding training necessary to graduate as fully qualified electricians.

Both Oliver Simmons and Liam Davies have now gained permanent roles in our in-house electrical team.

Oliver said: “The apprenticeship is a really intensive programme and it is hugely respected in the industry. Our qualification will say ‘apprentice-trained’ and we can definitely be proud of that.”

Liam agreed: “Apprenticeships are 100% the way forward. You get fantastic training and when you qualify, you have already gained years of experience.”

Apprenticeships are part of our commitment to offering job opportunities for local people and providing the training for great careers. We have made a commitment to create more apprenticeships in our own organisation and our supply chain.

Penny Johnson is our early careers manager. She is delighted by the success of Oliver and Liam: “An electrical apprenticeship is a big commitment by the individual and the business. Oliver and Liam have worked hard, stayed positive and demonstrated the superb opportunities created by Learning, which is one of our CLARITY values.

“Congratulations to Oliver and Liam and to all our electrical team for supporting them throughout their training. There is a flow of talent into this area now, with six more apprentices and four trainees already on the path towards becoming electricians. I am sure that the newest members of our electrical team will be a great inspiration to our next apprentices.”

Find out more: for information about our apprenticeships and all our current vacancies, visit our careers area.