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From the frontline: The telecare team, Parker Court

“There aren’t many jobs where you go home at the end of the day knowing that you’ve made a difference and possibly even saved a life.”

Chris Pugh is the telecare manager at Parker Court. His team staffs our control centre providing a 24:7 emergency response to our customers who have the reassurance of a personal alarm to call for help if they need it, at home.

During lockdown, this has been one of the few of our office teams not able to work remotely. Chris has shared some of their experiences of life on the frontline:

“It was really strange at first because outside the building, everything was different. The roads were empty, the shops were shut and everywhere was so quiet. At work, though, it was business as usual for us. We call our control centre ‘the bubble’ and it has certainly felt as though we have been working in a bubble during the pandemic.

“We have been very careful to follow social distancing rules to protect the team and make sure that we could continue to provide this essential lifeline service for customers right across the country.

“Customers contact us in an emergency. They enjoy the freedom to live independently, in their own homes, knowing that they can reach us at the touch of a button. It’s our job to listen and to make sure that help gets to them, whether that’s by getting in touch with a family member or contacting the emergency services.

“If an ambulance is on its way, we keep the call open and check back with the caller to let them know what’s happening and to reassure them that we’re still there.

“We usually receive around 1,000 calls every day. The volume hasn’t really changed during lockdown, but we have been operating with smaller teams and unavoidable delays in ambulances reaching the address has meant that calls can take longer to resolve.

“It has been relentless and sometimes exhausting but at the same time, we have all known that we are doing something important at a time of crisis. There aren’t many jobs where you go home at the end of the day and know you’ve really made a difference and possibly even saved a life.

“I think our team is stronger as a result of this experience. We’ve all pulled together and supported each other. We have relied on our colleagues to keep us safe.”

Nearly 40 people make up our telecare team, providing round-the-clock support every day of the year. There are currently some opportunities to join this inspiring team on a permanent or flexible contract to fit your life. If you have a contact centre background and are looking for a rewarding role, call 0800 111 4554. You can also learn more about a day in the life of a customer call advisor by watching this short film.