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Homes Plus supports local villages

Sponsorship from the Homes Plus My Community Fund is supporting the Best Kept Village Community Competition in Staffordshire, which this year includes a contest for children inspired by the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Homes, lives and communities underpin the work of Homes Plus. In Staffordshire, the Best Kept Village competition brings people and communities together to celebrate a place they are proud to call home.

That is why we were pleased to support the contest with sponsorship from the Homes Plus My Community Fund, which helps charities, voluntary groups and community organisations who share our drive to make a positive difference.

Homes Plus Director of housing, Sam Allcott said: “We know that the competition is important to many of our customers. We believe that it is particularly valuable this year because it is bringing together people of all ages and helping to restore community spirit, after a long period of separation and social distancing.

“Rural communities are known for their resilience, the support that neighbours offer to each other in difficult times and their strong sense of identity. We are proud to support the villages in one of the beautiful counties in which we work.”

Jo Cooper is the business development officer for the Community Foundation for Staffordshire, which runs the Best Kept Village Community Competition. She explained how sponsorship from Homes Plus is helping to make a positive difference:

“The Community Foundation for Staffordshire are proud to have Homes Plus as one of our sponsors for the 2022 Best Kept Village Community Competition. Our aim for BKVC this year is to focus on our communities and create a sense of pride across the county,” she said. “We want to highlight the beauty of Staffordshire, its strong community spirit, and with the support from our sponsors such as Homes Plus, we can continue celebrating the many wonderful communities across our county.”