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How a first-time buyer bought a two-bedroom home through the Shared Ownership scheme

This Shared Ownership Week (20-26 September), Housing Plus Group will be sharing the diary of a first-time home buyer about how she used the Shared Ownership scheme to get on the property ladder by buying a 25 per cent share in a two-bedroom home.

Throughout the week we will be sharing a series of diary entries on our social media channels, documenting her journey to becoming a homeowner thanks to the Shared Ownership scheme.

You can read her first diary entry below.

2nd May 2022: I’ve always wanted the security of having somewhere to call home and after renting for 19 years I really want to buy my own home.  

Today I was offered a mortgage from my bank, but the maximum they could lend to me was too low for me to be able to buy a property outright in a suitable condition.  

I heard about Shared Ownership through a couple of colleagues, who have both bought their properties through the scheme, and it sounds like that is going to be the best choice for me.  

It’s something I’m going to investigate further. 

To read more about her experience visit the Severn Homes website, or see some of the homes that we have available here.