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“I felt as though I was doing something really worthwhile.”

Like many young people, Harrison Unwin looked for part-time work while he studied for ‘A- Levels.

For him a job meant independence, some valuable experience for his CV and importantly, an income that helped him pay for his first car.

“I saw something online about Care Plus and found out that I could work for them part-time, to fit around my studies. I applied and got invited for an interview.

“I was quite nervous because, even though Care Plus provide all the training, I was worried that my lack of experience would count against me. My dad encouraged me to go for it and said that people would like me for who I am!”

Harrison’s dad was right. He was offered a job and began by driving other carers to their appointments, providing personal care himself following his training.

Harrison started work in March 2020 and continued working throughout the pandemic.

“I was incredibly fortunate in so many ways. A lot of my friends who had part-time jobs in pubs, hotels and shops, were unable to work during lockdown. I was a key worker and felt as though I was doing something worthwhile and important. We always had the right PPE and knew how to keep ourselves and our customers safe.  I was proud of what we were doing and I could see my friends and family looked at me in a different way.

“There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ carer. I loved my work and was accepted straight away by my colleagues and our customers. I found it surprisingly easy to make a connection with the people I visited, despite the age difference and enjoyed talking to them.”

Harrison has now completed his A-levels and joined a family business where he hopes to become an electrical engineer.

“I’ll always look back on my time as a carer very happily. It was an experience that none of us will forget and I learned so much about teamwork, empathy, resilience and understanding. I’d recommend it to anyone.”