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Improving our online services

We want to give customers a stronger influence over the way we do things and making sure that every contact that you have with us, counts.

We want to provide a service that meets or exceeds your expectations. To do that, we are working together with customers as we introduce new services, improve our existing ones and measure how we perform against standards developed with our customers.

You can be part of that, by giving us feedback and getting involved. Because every contact counts, our approach is making it easier for you to have your say, as well as helping us to ensure we take into account your needs and preferences in all our communications.

This year involved customers were consulted in the development of a new service, that will offer another way of communicating with us.

They were involved in testing our new chatbot, which will provide automated responses to customer questions, with referrals where necessary to service experts.

You will still be able to contact us through telephone and email if you prefer, but the chatbot can give you instant answers to your questions.

It will sit on our Homes Plus website and will be a new way of helping customers to find answers to their questions and give them quick access to information.

We really appreciate our involved customers taking the time to test the chatbot and providing us with valuable feedback.

Looking forward, we are improving the online services that you use.

By bringing all our tenancy information together – whether you live in Stafford, South Staffordshire or Shropshire – we can make it quicker, easier and more convenient for you to use all the services you can find on the Homes Plus website.

A single email enquiry address will mean you won’t need to direct your query to Staffordshire or Shropshire. As well as adding a new chat service on our website, we are making it simpler to reach our advisers when you need to call us.

In-person employment, benefits and money advice will be available in our community hubs, in Shropshire and Staffordshire.