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Introducing our new Compliments Form

We’re changing the way our customers can say ‘thank you’ or ‘well done’ at Housing Plus Group. 

Today marks the launch of our brand-new Compliments Form.

We’ve created a new online form that is dedicated to compliments, making it easier for you to let us know when we’ve done something well or to thank a colleague that has gone the extra mile.

Previously compliments, comments and complaints were all recorded on a single form, but now there will be one form for complaints and comments and a separate form for compliments.

Filling in the form couldn’t be easier, you simply need to fill in your personal information, select which department your compliment is regarding, tell us the name of the staff member you are thanking and then provide details of your compliment.

We’ll share your feedback with our colleagues – it’s always motivating to get a ‘well done!’.

We really value your input and appreciate you taking the time to tell us when we’re getting it right.