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New Housing Plus Group podcast spotlights rural housing

A resident who has campaigned in support of new affordable housing in her village is part of a new podcast produced by Housing Plus Group.

The first episode of the In House podcast marks Rural Housing Week by exploring the potential for affordable housing to breathe new life into rural communities by sustaining shops, village schools and local amenities. It also looks at some of the challenges faced by housing providers seeking to develop new homes in these locations.

Panel members Kerry Bolister and Gerry McFall of Housing Plus Group, join Sarah Finnegan of the National Housing Federation and villager Lynne, who explains what affordable local housing would mean for her family and reveals how she knocked on doors to change the minds of neighbours who were opposed to a proposal for new homes.

“There is a life story inside every home that we build,” said Development director Kerry Bolister. “In this discussion, Lynne provided a powerful reminder, during Rural Housing Week, of the pressing need for locally-focused rural housing solutions”

The first episode of In House, discussing rural housing, can be found on your favourite podcast app or by clicking play below.