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Plus services help customers save £2.78m

Homes Plus has helped customers to save an enormous £2.78 million through support offered by our Plus services.

Providing homes for almost 20,000 families across Shropshire and Staffordshire, our Plus services help customers to secure their tenancies, manage their finances and gain employment.

Richard Potter, Head of Income Management explained: “People can face hardship at any time. When you need advice and support, Homes Plus is here for you.”

A customer facing bereavement

The sudden death of her husband left one customer not only dealing with bereavement but also fearing that they could lose their home.

As well as supporting the customer to apply for Universal Credit and other benefits, we helped her to get the counselling she needed. Today, our advisor says: “The customer was able to stay in their own home with their dog by their side and they have no money worries. I am so glad that our Plus services could make a difference.”

A single parent finding it hard to budget

This customer was looking after two young children and finding it hard to manage household bills.

We were able to help the customer to budget more effectively.

It is great to know that these services can have a lasting impact – that is the Plus in Homes Plus

A change of circumstances bringing risk of home loss

When their teenage son left home, one customer faced a reduction in their Universal Credit payment and the prospect of an under-occupancy charge, or ‘bedroom tax.’ Having been furloughed in the pandemic, the customer was struggling to manage their bills and worrying about losing their three-bedroomed home.

Our Plus services advisor obtained a discretionary housing payment to pay the rent shortfall and clear the customers’ arrears.

“I was able to put in place Council Tax support and arrange reductions in monthly utility bills. To the relief of the customer, we were also able to find a two-bedroomed home for them and their daughter through a mutual exchange.”