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Residents compete to see how their sunflowers measure up

Residents of 17 retirement living communities in South Staffordshire have had their heads in the clouds this summer, watching their sunflowers reaching for the sky.

Care Plus, who manage the independent living communities provided seeds and challenged residents to see which scheme could produce the tallest blooms.

All summer, green-fingered neighbours have been feeding and watering their plants and some even tried talking to them in the belief that some well-chosen words of encouragement might help the flowers measure up.

Recently the team of retirement living officers went out with their clipboards and extra-long tape measures to discover who was head and shoulders above the competition.

Taking the honours this year were the residents of Pendrell Court, whose sunflower measured a very impressive 10 feet eight inches. Running a very close second was Mill House, which produced a flower measuring 10 feet six inches.

“This is the third year that this challenge has taken place,” said Debbie Brownlie of Care Plus. “Every year the residents grow more competitive and their flowers grow even taller!”

Congratulations to everyone who took part in this year’s contest. We can’t wait to see what you grow next year.