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Rohan wins Apprentice of the Year Award 

Congratulations are in order for our electrical apprentice Rohan, who took home the Apprentice of the Year Award at the 2024 Newcastle and Stafford Colleges Group (NSCG) Awards last week.

The Apprentice of the Year Award recognises outstanding apprentices for their dedication and excellence in their field, highlighting their significant contributions to their profession and encouraging others to strive for excellence. 

Rohan joined Housing Plus Group in 2021 as an apprentice electrician and has finished his qualification in record time. The course was due for completion in April 2025, but Rohan submitted his portfolio for final assessment an incredible 11 months early! 

Rohan’s manager, Group electrical compliance manager Steve, attended the awards with Rohan at the Staffordshire County Showground on Tuesday 11th June. 

He said: “We’re all proud and excited that Rohan has won this award. It’s very well deserved. I was delighted to complete his final assessment last week and approve him for the next stage of training. 

“And his learning won’t stop there! We take compliance extremely seriously at HPG so once Rohan has completed his AM2 electrical qualification, he’ll move on to the next course. Once he has finished all his required training and development, he’ll be able to interview for a permanent position as one of our fully qualified electricians. I have no doubt that he’ll work incredibly hard to get to that point and he’ll do really well.”