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Severnside answers emergency appeal

Shrewsbury Foodbank at Barnabus makes a big difference to the lives of people and families in crisis. So when the food bank needed help, we were delighted to step in.

With flood levels rising near its riverside location, the project had to find emergency storage space for vital food parcels before the floods reached their predicted peak.

We were pleased to be able to offer space in the reception area of our office in Brassey Road, which is currently closed to the public following coronavirus restrictions. With supplies safe and dry, the project was able to hold a ‘pop-up’ food bank outside our building the following morning.

“As two local organisations which set out to make a positive difference, we work very closely with our friends at Barnabus and last year donated £1000 to support the food bank and its community projects,” said neighbourhoods director Jan Goode. “The food bank has helped hundreds of local families, including some of our own residents. Of course, we wanted to lend a hand when they needed help themselves.”