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Share your experience – Housing Ombudsman’s report into communications and relationships

The Housing Ombudsman is calling for social housing residents to take part in a new survey.

The call for evidence has been issued to support their latest systemic report, which will look at the communications and relationships between residents and their landlords.

We have been asked to share this information with you, to ensure that you have the opportunity for your voice to be heard.

The investigation will establish three areas of best practice:

  • What it means to be vulnerable in social housing and what is an appropriate response by landlords
  • What effective communication looks like and how this could help service better outcomes
  • Whether there are areas (either service or demographic) where there are repeated patterns of poor service response.

You can find out more and submit evidence on their website using the link below:

Housing Ombudsman Website

The closing date for evidence to be submitted is 3 August 2023.