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Social media brings smiles for Joyce

“I get up in the morning, make myself a cuppa and open Facebook. It’s a window on the world. I live on my own but it feels as though I’ve got company and I’m part of something bigger.”

At 83, Joyce is a big fan of technology and social media. We noticed that she was a regular contributor to the Care Plus page on Facebook and couldn’t wait to meet her.

“I’m mad about new technology! I’m on YouTube and I love my Kindle but I’m a big fan of social media because it keeps me connected. My sister-in-law found me on Facebook and now we’re in close touch. My grandson lives overseas but through Facebook, I feel as though I can be involved in his life.

“I follow the Care Plus page because I’m part of it, I like to keep up with what people are doing and all the amazing fundraising and fun in all the schemes.

“I’m learning new things all the time and keeping my mind active. There are some brilliant videos, teaching you about cookery and DIY. There are so many cats on there, too!

“I don’t hear too well, so keeping in touch online is easier for me. I make a few comments now and again and I like it when I get a ‘smiley face’ on one of my comments. It’s good to know I’ve made someone happy.”