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Solving murder over mocktails

A ReConnected event at a retirement living community in Stone saw members turn amateur detectives to solve a deadly ‘crime’.

Guests were sipping colourful mocktails prepared by ReConnected mixologist, Lisa Fisher and relaxing over a buffet lunch when their afternoon was interrupted by a murder!

As readers of The Thursday Murder Club series know very well, crimes committed in the presence of retired people, rarely go unsolved. The witnesses soon joined forces to interview the suspects and were able to bring the culprit to justice in a matter of hours.

The Murder and Mocktails event was inspired by a ReConnected consultation which took place in Stone, asking people aged 55+ what kind of activities they would like to see in their area.

“Val was one of the people who attended the consultation,” explained Lisa Fisher, ReConnected project coordinator. “She told us that she enjoyed watching detective dramas on TV and had always wanted to take part in a murder mystery. We were very happy that we could make that happen, with a group of professional actors.”

Supported by the National Lottery Community Fund, ReConnected provides free activities, social events and advice for people aged 55+ in Stafford Borough and South Staffordshire. To learn more about the service and discover what’s on in your area, go to www.care-plus.org.uk/ReConnected 

Photo caption: Actors taking part in the murder mystery are pictured with sisters Joy (L) and Sue (R), who helped work out whodunnit.