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World Environment Day 2017

Colleagues at Housing Plus Group are celebrating the introduction of two brand-new electric cars at the Brassey Road, Shrewsbury office.

The Nissan LEAF cars, which can make 60-70 mile journeys at full charge, are economical for the business to run and ensure that visits made by staff between our Shrewsbury and Stafford offices are as environmentally friendly as possible. They produce zero emissions and will benefit colleagues who use them by saving wear and tear on their own cars and reducing monthly fuel costs for those who travel regularly.

Nissan LEAF cars can be fully charged within 4-6 hours using one of the many charging points located around the business. At motorway service stations, this time can be reduced to half an hour which is perfect for those members of staff with meetings further away. The cars can even be fully charged in 8-10 hours using a standard 13 amp domestic plug!

The electric cars are available for all staff with a valid licence to use. One colleague said “It’s important for me to be as environmentally conscious as possible. I’m a big believer in recycling and doing what I can to reduce my carbon footprint so to have the opportunity to use electric cars whenever I need to is just brilliant.”

Nissan LEAF cars will save money for Housing Plus Group, allowing us to invest even more in our award-winning repairs service and other support for customers.

More information on Nissan LEAF cars can be found here.