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Our future

Inspired and guided by our values

In 2023/24 our values continue to inspire and guide how we deliver our corporate objectives. The introduction of a new customer portal, as well as a chatbot on our website will give customers more ways to communicate with us, at a time that suits them. We are recruiting more apprentices and providing our people with opportunities for vocational learning and rewarding careers.

Ensuring that we are accountable to our tenants we are consolidating the Customer Partnership Panel, expanding its membership and increasing its involvement.

In what remains a difficult economic environment, we are respectful of the difficulties faced by our customers. We are widening access to employment and money advice support with the opening of a third community hub – our first in Staffordshire – and are reducing heating costs for households by making homes more energy efficient as part of our decarbonisation project.

Our development sites are providing new affordable housing. This is particularly important on our current rural exception sites, where we can bring about more inclusive opportunities to live in thriving towns and villages. We are also making great progress with our outright sale developments in Cheslyn Hay and Perton.

The investment being made in our housing management system and data management capability will bring benefits to customers this year, earning their trust in our services.

And of course, we are showing customers, colleagues and partners that we put you first, with the Homes Plus My Community Fund grants bringing about real changes in neighbourhoods and our ReConnected project getting underway with a target to bring together 600 people who have experienced loneliness and isolation.